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Frisco Railroad Run 2015 - State Records Established or Broken

What a day on the Frisco! 

50K state records established/broken yesterday by:

Clinton Petty
David Giles
Nii Anyetei Akofio-sowah
Robert Dewar
Kris Bossert
Joy Stark
Lori Bunting
Sharon Shaefer

50 mile state records were established or broken yesterday by:
Doug Assenmacher
Tom Roseburg
Eric Tripp (beat Jeff Jones previous record…)
Meghan McCarrick
Shannon Blaes
Marie Walker
Madeline MadHatter Hardison
Christy Stillwell
Tara Homburg

Dues Increase

Effective June 1, 2014, dues for membership in the Ozark Mountain Ridge. Runners will be changed to the following:

Dues for membership in the Ozark Mountain Ridge Runners will be $20 per year for the first member of a household. Each additional member of the household will be $5 per year with a maximum of $40 per household. A household will be defined as individuals living at the same physical address. 

If you are paid past June first this won’t affect you until your due date. For instance, if you are paid through September, that’s when the new rate will affect you. If you have two household members currently paying separately, the new due date will be effective off the first person.

This is necessary as many of our costs are going up such as taxes, insurance, the costs of our events such as the picnic, races and banquet. We are also looking to continue improving our two signature events. That was also the biggest factor in the newsletter print edition going from monthly to quarterly.